Who are we?

Be Plátano Concept Storemulti-brand, multi-brand and sustainable. Signature brands; Art, Lifestyle, Deco and Gastronomy. It has more than 600 wine references, from the best D.O. in the world. 

With a physical point of sale in El Llano de Argual, La Palma and an online point of sale.

Timetable Physical Store:
L | Closed
M | 9-17:00
X-S | 9-17:00 y 19-22:30
D | 11-15:00

What do we do?

At Be Plátano we select the quality, the novelty, the unique, the special. Not everything goes. The Be Plátano team searches and searches to find different artists and craftsmen, to discover objects and limited edition wines. And to create, because Be Plátano designs and manufactures its own products.

Contact BePlatano

If you need help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us using the form below.

Sharing Knowledge

The brands that make a mark, the latest trends, emerging artists, the secrets of good wine, the articles that nourish us. At Be Plátano we are not selfish and we share what we like.